Our Capabilities

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Corporate Strategy and
Franchise Planning

In both steady and tumultuous times, it’s critical for any organization to establish a clear strategic plan for growth and investment.

Kx Advisors works with executive teams responsible for developing and managing these strategies at the company and franchise level. We do this by objectively and quantitatively assessing the business’s current growth trajectory based on assets both in market and in development.

We then identify and prioritize organic and inorganic opportunities to develop long-term strategies for success—whether seeking to establish an innovative new offering, reinvigorate a mature business, or mitigate impending threats.

Example projects may include:

Portfolio assessment and prioritization

Franchise plan development

Market entry strategy

Market and competitive landscape assessments

Acquisition target identification and screening

M&A and licensing due diligence

Wargaming and scenario planning


Market Expansion and

One of the most powerful advantages a company can have is capturing new growth opportunities within existing markets.

Market expansion for medical technologies can be driven by many factors in healthcare—new sites of service, new healthcare provider groups, expanding market access, and new addressable patient populations.

Kx Advisors thrives in helping clients identify and quantify the business potential for these emerging market trends, and build strategies to seize these opportunities ahead of the competition.

Example projects may include:

Customer white space and adjacency strategies

Market opportunity assessments

Channel strategy optimization

New sites-of-service strategies

Target patient population expansion


Mergers and
Acquisitions (M&A)

Maintaining a flow of deals and intellectual property (IP) exchange is a core competency for nearly every medical technology company. Kx supports all facets of business development and licensing (BD&L) activities with a flexible and quick-turn approach to deliver highly validated market-level insights to our client’s deal teams.

Example projects may include:

Commercial due diligence

Acquisition target identification and prioritization

Market opportunity assessments

Revenue and profit and loss forecasts

Valuation model development

M&A transaction support

Business case and deal roadmap development


New Product

Bringing a new product to market begins with a foundation of detailed planning and analysis often years in advance of launch.

Kx Advisors’ new product planning capabilities enable our clients to better understand market dynamics, areas of differentiation, and strategic tradeoffs to optimize a product’s profile and adoption.

We offer tailored solutions at all stages of product development to support the depth of analysis required for key strategic decisions to unlock value.

Example projects may include:

Product forecasting

Target product profile optimization

Value proposition development

Indication and market prioritization

Patient journey mapping

Customer segmentation and targeting

Competitive intelligence and share capture

Product positioning and testing

Pricing and reimbursement analysis


Pricing and
Market Access

In both reimbursed and cash-pay markets, pricing alone can make or break the lifetime value of a product or service.

With the paradigm shift towards value-based care and fee-for-value reimbursement, the need for thoughtful and innovative pricing and market access strategies is paramount.

Kx Advisors’ capabilities enable our clients to leverage pricing as a tool to maximize the inherent value of their portfolios, to anticipate and adapt to competitive pricing dynamics, and to better understand and contextualize global market access structures.

Example projects may include:

Drug and device pricing strategy development

Procedural economic modeling for medical devices

International reference drug pricing analyses

Payer policy and coverage quality strategies

Capital equipment and consumables pricing

Gross-to-net discount optimization

Business model development for software and services


Brand Planning and
Launch Strategy

Successfully creating and launching new brands is a crucial driver of growth, yet it’s common for new products to fall short of forecasted expectations. In a healthcare environment where there’s often too much information, standing out amongst a crowd and remaining top of mind continues to challenge new brands.

As products in the pipeline move from clinical development to marketing, translating a product profile and clinical data into positioning, tactics, and sales execution requires detailed cross-functional planning.

Kx Advisors helps companies establish differentiated brands — advising on strategies for brand positioning and messaging, targeting, promotion mix, sales operations, and launch monitoring to ensure rapid adoption.

Example projects may include:

Brand positioning and messaging

Marketing investment and mix planning

Launch readiness and monitoring

Commercial operations strategy and benchmarking

Customer segmentation and targeting

Wargaming and scenario planning