Case Study: Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

See how Kx Advisors' Healthcare M&A Consulting Team helped a mid-cap pharma client successfully identify a highly innovative product and close an exclusive global licensing deal to bolster its pipeline and market capitalization

The Problem

A mid-cap pharma client was looking to bolster its current pipeline with a highly innovative, product with potential for breakout growth. After a global market assessment of over 30 medical diseases, the client and Kx prioritized novel biologic being developed by a global strategic for one of the client’s key expansion diseases.

How Kx Helped

Kx supported the client in several rounds of highly competitive bidding, that resulted in a ~$1.5B exclusive global licensing deal for its target indication. Kx conducted an initial qualitative assessment with KOLs and payers to inform the initial non-binding letter of intent (LOI). Kx then conducted a global assessment of the asset, including market-level research in US, Europe, China and Japan. Kx developed the valuation model and forecast for the asset for the full patent life through loss of exclusivity (LOE), and provided real-time support to the client as they successfully closed the deal. The product has become the “crown jewel” of the client’s pipeline portfolio and is a meaningful contributor to the company’s market cap.