Hot Indications List 2020 and Neurology Deep Dive

The Five-Year Analysis Of Top Pharma Therapies

A Hot Indications Retrospective

Innovation is the core of the pharmaceutical field. Pharma and biotech companies must continually adjust to stay on the cutting-edge. How can companies determine where to focus as they develop their pipelines and determine new growth opportunities? Kx Advisors’ 2020 Hot Indications List can help.  

In our 6th annual analysis of global R&D investment, our experts identified the top indications for industry focus. Hot Indications is a ranking of industry focus in 2020, empowering you to make informed decisions about where your healthcare company should invest further resources. Our analysis evaluated 43,440 drug programs ongoing in 2019, categorized them into 598 unique indications, and compared available data for these indications across three main criteria: 

  • Pipeline score 
  • R&D funding  
  • Academic focus 

This year is the first-ever retrospective, analyzing not only this year’s focus areas, but how our findings have changed in the past five years. 

Hot Indications List 2020

This paper was designed to help professionals do the following: 

  • Gain insight into the future of the healthcare industry
  • Further develop your pipeline  
  • Examine new areas to invest  
  • Define your company’s growth strategy 
  • Launch a medical product for one of these Therapeutic Areas 

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Hot Indications 2020 Neurology Deep Dive

Read the 2020 Hot Indications List? Delve deeper into our analysis of global R&D investment, focused on the top indications for industry focus within Neurology. 

Building on the foundational insights in the 2020 Hot Indications List, our experts developed the Hot Indications 2020 Neurology Deep Dive to both analyze this year’s Neurology Hot Indications and dissect how the landscape has evolved in the past five years. Our team shares what we see as the major future developments across indications, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neuromyelitis optica, and Huntington’s disease.


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