Healthcare Consulting Careers

Our culture

We love what we do at Kx Advisors. Our business is entirely focused on helping our clients bring novel, life-changing therapies and medical technologies to patients and their healthcare providers. Our clients are some of the most admired and inspiring leaders in pharma, medical devices, and health IT, and we think it’s easy to get excited about helping them build sustainable healthcare growth strategies.

We have a fun, hard-working team culture built on a foundation of personal authenticity, cultural openness, and critical thinking. We believe that everyone performs their best when they feel challenged and supported. Each engagement is an opportunity for our consultants to stretch themselves, share their skills with team members, and shine in front of our clients.

Kx Advisors is a meritocracy. We evaluate consultants’ performance based on the objective value of their contributions – not face time, not tenure. We provide lots of formal and informal feedback to help every one of our consultants develop core strategic and analytical skills that serve them throughout their careers.

As part of Kaiser Associates, Kx team members work alongside Kaiser’s cross-industry consultants on a day-to-day basis. We value these partnerships and enjoy the diversity of experiences that the larger Kaiser Associates community offers.

Our core values

Growth Minded

We aim for growth, for our clients, our firm, and ourselves individually. ​

For our clients, our work is wholly committed to helping grow their businesses.​

For Kx employees, we embrace professional and personal development through a culture of empowerment and collaboration.


We think like business owners and take full ownership of our clients’ successes. ​

We are naturally enthusiastic about innovation, thrive when facing large challenges, and bring creativity and resourcefulness to our work.

Committed to Excellence​

We set high standards for ourselves on every engagement, aiming to build long-term relationships with our clients.​

We are not satisfied unless we’ve provided actionable, pragmatic solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges.


We prioritize success of our clients and engagements over individual wins or egos. ​

Our clients trust us and value that we “tell it like it is”.​

We embrace diversity and support personal authenticity.


We have a genuine desire to see every Kxer succeed. ​

Our culture fosters teamwork, empathy, and commitment to each other’s development. ​

With our clients, we are highly collaborative, and involve senior Kx leadership in every step of each engagement.​

The Kx Advisors career path

Whether you’re just starting out in your healthcare consulting career or looking to build on years of experience, Kx offers unparalleled opportunities at every level.

Entry-level hires

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultants typically enter Kx Advisors as Healthcare generalists, and work on a variety of engagements across our five focus sectors. Associate Consultants spend the majority of their time developing and mastering the core consulting competencies of research, analysis, and synthesis, which can include tasks such as sourcing contacts, conducting primary and secondary research, analyzing collected data, and creating presentations.

What we look for in Associate Consultant candidates

Successful Associate Consultants come from a diverse array of backgrounds, but typically possess the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrated achievement in an undergraduate and/or graduate curriculum that focuses on life sciences, qualitative and quantitative methods, and critical problem solving. A business degree is not required for success in consulting, but candidates should possess a general understanding of business concepts and terminology
  • A logical, systematic thought process that draws conclusions based on facts and data
  • A creative, “out-of-the-box” approach to complex problems
  • The drive and initiative to find success in an entrepreneurial environment

Associate Consultants typically have one to three years of related work experience before joining Kx. While direct consulting experience is not necessary, we do expect candidates to display achievement in the core Associate Consultant capabilities of research, analysis, and synthesis. Applications are accepted year-round on Kx’s Career portal for both the US and the UK; interview days are typically held monthly.

Campus recruiting

Kx Advisors participates in annual on-campus recruiting in conjunction with Kaiser Associates. Kx and Kaiser hire a select number of seniors each fall to begin full-time employment at the Associate Consultant level after graduation. These hires typically have internship experiences that directly relate to the core consulting competencies, and have displayed high levels of achievement throughout their academic careers.

These job opportunities are posted at select colleges and on Kx’s and Kaiser’s websites with an application deadline in late summer. Associate Consultants will have the opportunity to be staffed on Kx Advisors engagements as well as other industry practices at Kaiser.

Offers are extended in the early fall. We hold on-campus events at select colleges each fall; please check with your Career Services office for information about on-campus recruiting activities at your school.

Experienced hires and PhD candidates

PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates have a truly unique opportunity at Kx to use their clinical and scientific expertise while building their business strategy skillset. Recent PhD graduates typically enter Kx as Consultants, and have immediate opportunities for business training, continuous professional development, team leadership, and client management across the full spectrum of Kx sectors. As with all Kx consultants, PhDs are on the path to Partner from day one.


Consultants are expected to deliver deeper levels of analysis and synthesis than Associate Consultants, and often lead discrete project tasks. As a seasoned team member, Consultants lead the research process by identifying the best sources to pursue, and “connecting the dots” on a more strategic level. Consultants typically work across all five sectors of Kx’s client base.

What we look for in Consultant candidates: a history of achievement and mastery of core consulting competencies in a strategy consulting-related role. Candidates for the Consultant position may possess a PhD or Master’s degree in life sciences, and between two and four years of prior relevant work experience.


Managers split their time between project delivery and project management. Managers have mastered the core consulting capabilities of research, synthesis, and analysis, and have experience directing project work for small teams. While Managers typically work across Kx sectors, they may utilize their previous work experience and education within a specific focus area to begin contributing to thought leadership and business development tasks.

What we look for in Manager candidates: a history of achievement and mastery in a strategy consulting-related role with direct oversight of junior team members’ work. In addition, Manager candidates may have specialized knowledge and hands-on experience working in a specific functional or vertical area that aligns with one of Kx’s areas of expertise. Candidates for the Manager position may have an MBA or advanced degree (though one is not required), and typically possess between four and six years of prior consulting experience.


Principals split their time between project management and business development. Principals play an active role in setting the strategic direction of each engagement and provide oversight for team deliverables and resources. Principals typically manage projects and clients across Kx sectors, and will contribute to thought leadership and business development within areas of interest and expertise.

What we look for in Principal candidates: a history of achievement and mastery in a strategy consulting-related role with significant direct oversight of team members’ work, as well as direct responsibility for revenue generating activities. In addition, Principal candidates have specialized knowledge and hands-on experience working in specific Kx sectors. Candidates for the Principal position will likely have an MBA, PhD, or other advanced degree (though one is not required), and typically possess between six and eight years of prior consulting experience.

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents at Kx are responsible for setting and executing the overall direction of the business for their sector(s), and for directing the work of their team. Vice Presidents at Kx are extremely hands-on, and often oversee the work of consultants to offer direction and guidance in addition to managing relationships with clients.

What we look for in Vice President candidates: demonstrated success leading a team within a management consulting context, with proven abilities to attract, acquire, and develop client relationships. Vice President candidates have an established network within the healthcare and life sciences sector and the ability to meet deadlines while managing multiple large-scale responsibilities. Candidates for the Vice President position will likely have an MBA, PhD, or other advanced degrees (though one is not required) and typically possess seven to ten years of prior consulting experience at a top healthcare or life sciences firm.

Current openings

Explore strategy consulting opportunities at the intersection of the healthcare industry and business. Kx Advisors offers a well-balanced and inclusive working environment for candidates interested in starting or furthering their career with a boutique consulting firm. Our focus is on building strong relationships with our clients to help solve their toughest challenges. Take a look at the opportunities we have available.


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