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Kx was Loud and Proud this June

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Last week, we wrapped up Pride Month which has a long history, starting in 1970 with New York’s first Pride march on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots to now, more than 50 years later, with many marches and rainbow flags, and, more importantly, advocacy for equal rights along the way. At Kx, we’re proud to continue that tradition and celebrate all things LGBTQIA+ this June!

Who doesn’t love organized fun?

Our Pride ambassadors had fun organizing a series of activities and events to celebrate the month. We kicked things off with a newsletter jam-packed with recommendations of LGBTQIA+ films, books, and locally owned businesses near our DC, Boston, and London offices. Our London team jumped in next with a Pride picnic held in an unusually sunny Hyde Park. They tucked in to home-made, on-brand foods like rainbow picnic pie and fruit skewers. Later in the month, the team spent an evening at the Queer Comedy Club, laughing along with North London’s finest LGBTQIA+ comedians.

Across the pond, our teams in DC and Boston visited a museum in DC where we competed in a fun-filled scavenger hunt followed by a social event at a local LGBTQIA+ owned restaurant.

The highlight of the month was our firm-wide Pride Day. All staff were invited to dress up in their most rainbow attire, and the most inventively and colorfully dressed Kx-ers won prizes to use at local LGBTQIA+-owned restaurants and bars. The team rose to the occasion, with outfits across the spectrum and even a rainbow-themed manicure! Congratulations to Brett, Chloe and Nikki – you beat strong competition, including Bob and Jenette!


We wrapped up our Pride Day with a LGBTQIA+ History Quiz written by our very own Kipras Undzenas and Myria Chen. After working on the quiz, Kipras remarked, “Pride History is now my specialty Mastermind round! But seriously, it’s been interesting to learn about the meaning behind the month and the legacy left by the Stonewall riots.” You can check out the history quiz here. See if you can beat our winning Kx-pert, Allie Fascione-Hutchins, who scored a mammoth 8,963 points to top the podium (hint: this blog should help with a couple of questions).

Ongoing Commitment

We loved seeing our firm take such an active and positive approach to Pride Month. A big thank you is owed to our fantastic team of Pride ambassadors for all the behind-the-scenes work that made it possible. While we had fun celebrating and commemorating the month, the buck doesn’t stop there. At Kx, we take our responsibility seriously to ensure all staff – no matter their gender, sexuality, or race – feel included. Whether it’s Pride Month celebrations, supporting our Women@Kx, or our BIPOC Affinity Group, we’re committed to live and work by the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

“At Kx, we value all of our employees bringing their full, authentic selves to work, and we stand behind the principles of Pride, especially when LGBTQIA+ rights are under threat in different parts of the world. Diversity of thought makes our world – and our work – better,” added Jenna Riffell, Managing Partner.

We’re looking forward to continuing and strengthening our support of the LGBTQIA+ community, in all its queerness, hilarity, and acceptance.

Happy Pride!

Jack Sayers – on behalf of the Kx Pride Committee