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Staff Spotlight: Evelyn Tee

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Evelyn Tee
Vice President

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Evelyn Tee

Turning Inspiration Into Action

The healthcare field attracts those eager to help others. Evelyn Tee, Kx Advisors Vice President, is no exception. Inspired by the medical team that cared for her grandmother and the holistic impact of quality healthcare, Evelyn decided to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.  

A natural problem solver with a mind wired for strategic analysis, Evelyn zeroed-in on the business side of healthcare. She earned an MBA in Operations and Marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania after completing her BA in Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences (MMSS), Economics, and International Studies from Northwestern University. 

Exceptional Interpersonal Relations With Kx

Once she was an established healthcare consultant with a large firm, she set her sights on making a shift to a mid-size firm as she enjoyed the close team bonds that come from working with smaller project team sizes. Evelyn is especially passionate about women succeeding in the workplace and launched Women@Kx. Women@Kx is a chance to have an open dialogue and space for female employees to address issues that may be gender-specific or just talk about topics that pertain to women, such as being a working mom. 

Outside of the office, Evelyn can be found training in Krav Maga, a military self-defense training system. As a frequent traveler, Evelyn likes embracing adventures of life at every turn. When she isn’t traveling, taking care of her three children, or training in the martial arts, she enjoys working in our DC office. 

Interested In Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Evelyn encourages those looking to get into healthcare consulting to take a people-centric approach to interviewing. Many firms have intelligent people, but she particularly aligns with Kx’s value of bringing your most authentic self to work. Evelyn says, “everyone comes to the table as equals” and it is the people she works with, Kx-ersteammates, and clients, that that makes her most excited to come to work every day. While there will be a learning curve, especially the first year of consulting, picking the right people and mentors to guide you will make all the difference. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at