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Kx Gives Back: Potomac Shoreline Clean-Up

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Kx Gives Back: Potomac Shoreline Clean-Up

Last month, Kx Advisors DC had the opportunity to work with the Accokeek Foundation to clean up the Potomac River shoreline in Piscataway Park in Accokeek, Maryland. Kx’s participation is a reflection of our commitment to environmental stewardship and our appreciation for the powerful impact of local waterways on community health.

Accokeek Foundation and Piscataway Park

In May, ten Kx employees participated in a shoreline clean-up event at Piscataway Park in Accokeek, Maryland. After arriving at the park just 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C., the volunteers received a warm welcome from park staff, who provided them with information about the park’s history and the Accokeek Foundation, its partner organization.

The Accokeek Foundation, a non-profit based in Accokeek, Maryland, has been committed to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage and environmental stewardship of the Potomac River region since its establishment in 1957. Grounded in the preservation of Piscataway Native American culture and sustainable land and water resource usage, the foundation is dedicated to protecting and restoring Piscataway Park. The park, including its historic farm, serves as an open-air museum and living classroom, offering educational programs and events that connect visitors with the region’s rich history, agriculture, and ecology. Through these initiatives, the Accokeek Foundation aims to inspire individuals and foster an understanding and safeguarding of the natural and cultural heritage of the Potomac River watershed.

The name “Piscataway” originates from the Algonquian language and is associated with the Piscataway people. It is often interpreted as “where the waters blend,” highlighting the tribe’s profound relationship with the Potomac River and its tributaries. Piscataway Park stands today as a testament to the enduring presence and contributions of the Piscataway people, showcasing their history, traditions, and deep connection to the natural environment. Serving as an educational, celebratory, and reverential space, the park honors the heritage and ongoing cultural vitality of the Piscataway people.

Kx Beach Clean-Up

After learning about the park’s history and ongoing initiatives, the Kx volunteers walked through the beautiful riverside park to reach the shoreline clean-up location. Along the way, they enjoyed the picturesque landscape, encountered several gardens, explored the historic farm, and navigated a riverside trail. Equipped with gloves and bags, the volunteers embarked along the pebbly shoreline of the Potomac River, collecting litter including Styrofoam and plastic water bottles. In total, the group removed ten bags of trash, weighing approximately 100 pounds.

After an hour of clean-up, as the tide began to rise, the volunteer team made their way back to the park’s education center, strolling along the river. They made a brief stop at the historic farm, where they took in the open-air museum experience and even had the opportunity to interact with some of the farm animals. Returning to the education center and the park’s picnic tables, the volunteers enjoyed a crab lunch provided by a local restaurant.

While eating lunch, the Kx volunteers saw the Accokeek Foundation and local community partnership at work. A group of elementary school students visiting the park on a field trip and learned about the importance of waterways and national park preservation. “It was cool to see so many aspects of the community come together and enjoy a shared space in nature,” shared Catherine, an associate consultant participating in the event, “It can be easy to get sucked into the bubble of living and working in downtown D.C., I was very thankful for the opportunity to give back, learn about indigenous history, and enjoy one of the many green spaces at our fingertips.”

Meaningful Impact

The day was a great opportunity for Kx employees to step away from the office, appreciate the surrounding nature, honor the indigenous communities native to the area, and contribute to the maintenance of clean and sustainable local waterways and environment. In the face of climate change and growing public concern for environmental well-being, Kx understands the importance of implementing sustainable practices, reducing waste, and improving environmental health outcomes for patients and communities.

Access to clean waterways is crucial for human health as it ensures the availability of safe drinking water and reduces the risk of waterborne diseases. Moreover, clean waterways support a diverse ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and offering recreational opportunities that enhance both mental and physical well-being¹. Spending time in nature has been consistently linked to a multitude of health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress levels, enhanced immune function, and increased physical activity². By prioritizing the preservation and restoration of clean waterways and creating opportunities for outdoor recreation, the Accokeek Foundation is actively promoting healthier populations and working towards mitigating various health disparities. Kx is proud to contribute to these efforts and support our local communities and environments.


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