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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Oliver Rees

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Oliver Rees

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Oliver Rees

An Interest in Healthcare Strategy

Oliver Rees, Kx Associate Consultant, has an inherent desire to come up with new ideas. Whether it be helping healthcare clients reach their goals or crafting a vision for his own professional career, Oliver can be found problem solving and finding solutions. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology with Enterprise from the University of Leeds, he wanted to work at a company where he could apply both his scientific background and business knowledge. Oliver was especially interested in helping healthcare businesses bring therapies to the patients who needed them most. “There are many roles that can be played in commercialization, and I wanted to understand the role of bringing products to the patients—which led me to strategy,” Oliver said.

Finding and Contributing to a Collaborative Workplace

While Oliver enjoyed learning about niche areas of the healthcare industry, he wanted to find a company that would allow him to develop a holistic and high-level view of the industry. The nature of Kx’s projects enables him to continue learning about all aspects of healthcare from reimbursement to market analysis. This idea of constant learning at Kx is reinforced by the culture of collaboration where “teammates at Kx encourage you to learn and do more. No one is confined or married to one capability. Junior members especially are supported as they explore their interests within healthcare strategy consulting,” Oliver explained. He went on to point out, “Even when a new task can seem daunting, being able to count on your colleagues for support and encouragement makes all the difference.” To further contribute to Kx’s collaborative culture, he works on both the Kx Fun Committee and the Kx Giving Committee, planning events for the London team to socialize and help support the local community.

When Oliver is not working in Kx’s London office, he can be found reading, mostly scientific history books and entrepreneurial biographies. When he needs a break from screens and books, he loves to stay active, whether it’s training for the next half marathon or socializing.

Interested in Healthcare Consulting? 

Oliver’s biggest advice for those interested in consulting is to “first of all, have a vision of what you want to become, and then seek a mentor to help you get there”. Citing the mentorship of his senior colleagues and collaboration with his fellow consultants, Oliver urges anyone interested in consulting to find mentors and turn to them for support.

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