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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Megan Schutzbach-Horton

Megan Schutzbach-Horton

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Megan Schutzbach-Horton

Instant Chemistry: Organic Chem Meets Consulting  

Megan Schutzbach-Horton, Kx Consultant, is a self-described “intellectual magpie” because of her endless curiosity and drive. Whenever she has the chance to explore different avenues across whatever field and environment she is in, Megan takes it. She joined Kx from UNC Chapel Hill, where she earned her PhD in Organic Chemistry. While in her PhD program, she was part of a STEM group that promoted consulting, and she was instantly curious about the business side of healthcare. While Megan was in her element in the chemistry lab, she knew she wanted to move to a fast-paced environment and experience new scientific challenges. At Kx, she is constantly honing her business skillset, as well as learning about new treatments in the healthcare space through her work for clients. 

Empowered at Kx  

When asked what the most valuable lesson she has learned in her time so far at Kx, Megan answered, “My voice matters.” When she first entered the consulting field, she was worried that her insights would be limited to the scientific elements of a project. However, her colleagues have shown her the value she can offer to a client across projects, from her outside-the-box problem solving to her research abilities to her leadership skills. Megan identified Jenna Riffell, Kx Managing Partner, as a role model, having successfully transitioned from academia into consulting. “It’s amazing to work with female leaders who have a similar background, showing me the road forward.” 

When Megan is not working, she can be found utilizing her chemistry lab-trained skills in the kitchen. She is an avid baker and loves trying out the latest cooking-show recipes at home for her family. But with her cat and dog at her feet, she’s careful not to drop too many things on the floor for them!     

Interested in Healthcare Consulting? 

Megan knows how tough it can be to jump from academia to consulting. “I was nervous to start a new chapter, but Kx’s open door policy helped me adjust,” Megan said.  Megan recommends to those just getting started in their consulting careers to always ask questions and to embrace the natural curiosity that made you a good fit for consulting to start with.  Have questions about our work or careers at Kx? Get in touch with us at