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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Josh Murdock

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Josh Murdock

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Josh Murdock

A Natural Healthcare Strategist 

Dr. Josh Murdock, Kx Consultant, bridges the gap between science and business. Like many of his Kx colleagues, Josh comes from a comprehensive science background. While earning his PhD in Medical Engineering & Medical Physics from Harvard and MIT’s joint program, he spent a lot of time in a lab that focused on developing MedTech, prompting the ultimate question: What will make these lab findings something that patients will want to receive and medical professionals to distribute? Josh quickly learned that his analytical brain aligned well with a career in healthcare strategy consulting. He came to Kx ready to dive deep into business strategy and the world of healthcare innovation. 

Community and Inclusion in the Workplace

In addition to Josh’s interest in the healthcare industry, he wanted to make sure he found a company that approached their work holistically and had a strong community environment. “When in consulting, you’re always part of a team. When I was working on my thesis, I knew it would be primarily my effort to defend my research to the academic community successfully. In consulting, the deliverable will be only partially your direct effort, and it’s important that you know your part of the work and your part in helping your team members to also succeed,” Josh explained. In addition to teamwork on client projects, Josh sits on the Giving Committee. He organizes and participates in team volunteering opportunities with partner charities to give back to the local DC and wider communities.  

When Josh is not working in Kx’s DC office, he can be found brushing up his black belt skills in taekwondo, taking a stroll with his beloved dog, or spending time with his favorite healthcare industry professional—his wife.   

Interested in Healthcare Consulting? 

Josh’s biggest advice for those interested in consulting is to lean on your own background and understand your team. Reflecting on the diversity of Kx, Josh emphasizes the importance of recognizing that everyone has an independent skillset that can be used as part of the greater project team. 

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