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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Jenna Riffell

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Jenna Riffell, PhD
Managing Partner

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Jenna Riffell

The Journey from Patient to Healthcare Thought Leader

Some people find their interest in healthcare and science by reading books or watching documentaries. Dr. Jenna Riffell, Kx Vice President, had a hands-on experience that sparked her passion. At fourteen, doctors discovered that she had a detached retina—a medical condition that is rare in young people and can lead to blindness. She was immediately attracted to the complexities of healthcare and the impact it can have on patients’ lives.

She studied Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia, graduating with combined honors. Jenna continued on to earn a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a focus on cancer drug development. In Jenna’s postdoctoral fellowship, she partnered with a pharma company at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital. There, Jenna developed an interest in translating research innovation into patient care.

Transitioning to Healthcare Growth Strategy with Kx

As a natural problem-solver with a knack for strategy, consulting was a strong fit for Jenna. When asked why she joined Kx, Jenna says, “working at a boutique consulting firm allows me to see the impact I make, both for my clients and internally. Contributing to my clients’ successes is what makes me most excited to come to work each day.” Additionally, Kx utilizes her project management skills and scientific background, especially her expertise in experimental data and drug development. Jenna brings her expertise to both client work and thought leadership, including Kx’s annual Hot Indications paper focused on pharma R&D trends. Jenna’s creativity, analytical rigor, and communication skills make her an enormously valued employee and partner for our clients.

As a leader of the transatlantic team, Jenna emphasizes the impact of Kx’s culture, both in London and virtually. She mentions that one of the best things about Kx is that “working with such a close-knit team that challenges me and encourages me to deliver my best.” She currently enjoys seeing more of her international colleagues’ faces on video in 2020 and spending more of her downtime practicing classical piano.

Interested In Healthcare Consulting?

Jenna encourages fellow academics interested in consulting to be prepared for a learning curve. As she transitioned into the field, Kx’s value on individual contributions empowered Jenna to share her innovative ideas. Jenna enjoys the entrepreneurial spirit fostered by Kx and the ability to make a difference in our clients’ healthcare projects. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at