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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Hays Bynum

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Hays Bynum

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Hays Bynum

Health Policy to Healthcare Business Strategy

Healthcare has always been part of Kx Advisors Consultant Hays Bynum’s life. With a parent in the medical field, healthcare was a frequent conversation topic at the dinner table. When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, Hays felt called to make a positive difference in the healthcare industry through policy. 

After completing her Bachelor’s in Public Policy and a disciplinary degree in Medicine, Health, and Society from Vanderbilt University, Hays worked in corporate strategy for a healthcare and insurance company. This role ignited her interest in the business side of healthcare, leading her to pursue a role with Kx. She quickly felt at home in consulting, and once she solidified foundational skills, she was ready to try new project types, from mapping patient journeys to modeling pricing changes. Citing the varied set of project material as one of the highlights of her career with Kx, Hays says, “I was looking for something more rigorous, fast-paced, and diverse. Luckily, I found that with Kx.” 

Opportunities to Shine With Kx

One of Hays’ favorite elements of being part of the Kx team is working directly with clients and senior leadership. She is able to do the hands-on work she enjoys, such as surveying and data analysis, and presenting her findings. In addition to the technical work that comes with being a consultant, Hays also appreciates having access to mentors and getting to mentor junior staff. She finds it particularly fulfilling to help new hires acclimate to Kx. One way Hays contributes to Kx’s culture is by being part of several committees, as well as leading Kx’s Charitable Giving Committee. Philanthropy has always been close to Hays’ heart and she spends time volunteering with National Children’s Hospital. 

Outside of the office, Hays can be found running on the trails around Washington, DC, or indulging in her favorite snack—Girl Scout cookies. When Hays isn’t supporting young girls in business, she’s brushing up her healthcare knowledge and cooking new recipes. 

Interested in Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Hays encourages those looking to get into healthcare consulting to prioritize the questions that need to be solved. Consultants are naturally curious and interested in understanding the nuances of each challenge. However, focusing on answering the specific question the client is asking can make projects more manageable. Have questions about our work or careers at Kx? Get in touch with us at