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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Chloe Lok

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Chloe Lok

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Chloe Lok

Bridging Biochemistry and Business 

Chloe Lok, Kx Advisors Manager, is always asking questions. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Reading and her Masters in Management from Imperial College London, her intellectual curiosity led her to health and life science consulting. Consulting empowers her to continue asking questions and grow while supporting our clients. “There is always space to learn. I can even find the joy in the rabbit holes of Google because I still get to learn something,” Chloe said of her work at Kx.   

Consulting’s Most Important Asset: The People

One of Chloe’s favorite things about working at Kx is the range of backgrounds and insights her coworkers bring to the table. When asked what she finds rewarding about working in a diverse environment, Chloe responded, “Everyone at Kx is not only bright but has an opinion. It’s the norm for colleagues to want to socialize and have intellectual conversations.” Chloe describes being a Kx Manager in this collaborative environment as acting like glue, holding together pieces of information, and coaching junior employees. Leading transatlantic teams, Chloe prioritizes making sure each of her project team members feels supported and heard. In addition to the technical aspects of project management, Chloe enjoys getting to know all the different personalities and bright ideas that her project teammates bring to the table.  

When Chloe is not working in Kx’s London office, she can be found creating portraits. Chloe specializes in minimalistic art with the intention of having her work always resonate and be relatable with the subject. When she’s had enough of staying still, Chloe runs regularly, rain or shine, and loves to cook. 

Interested in Healthcare Consulting? 

While Chloe didn’t anticipate the shift from the undergraduate lab to an office, she is happy she made the jump. She encourages those early in their career to be open to change and explore areas out of their comfort zone. For anyone interested in launching their healthcare consulting career, Chloe strongly emphasizes, “Remember there is always a question, whether internal or external, big or small. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to ask—because that is how we learn.” Have questions about our work or careers at Kx? Get in touch with us at