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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Avani Desai

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Avani Desai

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Avani Desai

A Personal Evolution in the Healthcare Industry

Avani Desai, an Associate Consultant at Kx, always loved science and medicine. She graduated from Duke University with a major in Biology.  Following graduation, Avani worked as a medical scribe with UNC Neurosurgery and in behavioral health research at Duke. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear to Avani just how much business played a role in delivering quality healthcare to people in need.  She knew she wanted to take a deep dive into the business side of the industry. Consulting was an attractive job prospect for Avani since it would introduce a myriad of healthcare sectors, especially with Kx Advisors where she would have many client-facing opportunities even at a junior level.  

First-Class Delivery and Organizing

Avani’s favorite part about Kx is the people she gets to work with.  She states, “Working with bright people who are just as interested in the healthcare space as I am makes me that much more motivated to prepare high quality work for clients. Kx puts a huge emphasis on collaboration. Being able to go to my colleagues with questions or suggestions makes projects more enjoyable.” As an Associate Consultant, Avani gets to interact with and learn from healthcare leaders in primary interviews that are a part of project research as well as client meetings to discuss findings.  

In addition to her everyday consulting work, Avani brought a strong organizational skillset to Kx and is a member of the Kx Giving Committee. Through the committee, Avani organizes team service days and contributes new volunteering ideas. Shortly after joining Kx, Avani pitched the idea of volunteering with the Afghan Youth Relief Foundation, a local nonprofit helping displaced refugees in the local community gain access to food, clothing, medicine, and other essential items. Kx went on to have a service day with the organization. Avani says, “It was great coming into a new company and seeing that my ideas were taken seriously right off the bat. Brainstorming with the Kx Giving Committee on how we could put our skills and time together to best serve a cause I cared deeply about was incredibly meaningful.”  

Interested in Healthcare Consulting? 

When Avani is not working in Kx’s DC office, she is a trained dancer and enjoys brushing up on her craft of Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form. For anyone interested in healthcare consulting, Avani emphasizes the importance of trying new things, “Allow yourself to try new methods of creativity with storytelling when displaying your research findings. You will never know if your vision works unless you try.” 

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