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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Allie Fascione-Hutchins

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Kx Advisors Spotlight: Allie Fascione-Hutchins

Allie Fascione-Hutchins is a Manager at Kx Advisors. Get to know her and her Kx journey so far!

What do you enjoy most about working at Kx?

The people! Everyone at Kx is incredibly driven, but also incredibly collaborative and invested in each other’s successes. Whether it’s putting our heads together to brainstorm slides for a final deliverable or grabbing a beer after work, the atmosphere of support is constant. The environment makes me excited to ‘show up’ (virtually or in-person!) for my colleagues every day, because I know they’re doing the same for me.

What surprised you about Kx after joining? 

Since my time at Kx, I have been most pleasantly surprised by the opportunities I have had to mentor (informally and formally) less experienced colleagues, as well as the trainings associated with developing that skill set. As someone who began my career at Kaiser/Kx, I have found the Kx mentorships invaluable, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to coach Associate Consultants and Consultants already. I’m also extremely grateful that Kx provides specific trainings around this, so I’m able to effectively serve in that role, and am excited to continue to develop in that capacity.

How does Kx fit into your vision of your lifelong career? 

The professional skills that I have practiced and developed at Kx will undoubtedly serve me well into my lifelong career – wherever that may take me! Given I do not have a roadmap thought out in terms of long-term career goals, it’s extremely important the skills I am gaining now are marketable and applicable to many different industries and positions. For example, people management and critical thinking skills, not to mention client management and verbal communication experiences will serve useful in the future, whether that be at business school, an industry position, or further into the consulting field. 

How did you come to join Kx?

I began my career at Kx as a Kaiser Associates marketing intern in the Healthcare practice (before the practice rebranded to Kx). As a marketing intern, I supported the healthcare Vice Presidents in business development and marketing efforts and was able to learn about the types of projects sold and about the Kaiser Healthcare team atmosphere. After my internship sparked my interest in Kaiser Healthcare consulting, I returned as a cross-practice Associate Consultant, splitting my time between healthcare, consumer and retail goods, financial services and payments, and private equity practices. Though I very much enjoyed working amongst all the practices, I ultimately aligned to Kx because I find the healthcare subject matter interesting, the projects challenging, the team supportive, and the development opportunities exciting.

Outside of work, what do you do for fun/ how do you spend your free time? 

Eating!!! I am food obsessed!! I love to cook at home and try new restaurants. I have tried 203 restaurants in D.C. and am excited to try more. My favorite restaurant I have ever been to is Noma in Copenhagen, as I won a student lottery to eat there with my friend when I was traveling during an undergrad spring break trip.


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