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Kx Advisors Committee Spotlight: Women@Kx

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Jenna Riffell, PhD
Managing Partner
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Evelyn Tee
Vice President

Kx Advisors Committee Spotlight: Women@Kx

Supporting Women in the Workplace

Kx Advisors knows that diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary for a healthy work environment and crucial to delivering first-class client work. That’s why in 2020, Kx Managing Partner Jenna Riffell and Kx Vice President Evelyn Tee launched Women@Kx. Women@Kx is a monthly discussion forum to support women in their careers through networking, mentorship, and lively group discussions surrounding opportunities and challenges for women in business.  

The Women@Kx Committee is the leading branch of the group that directs the group’s activities, programs, and discussion facilitation. 

Leading the Next Generation Forward

When Evelyn was asked what her favorite part about being on the committee was, she said, “Leading and learning from consultants at all stages of their careers, especially the younger generation. Gen Z comes in with their own view of inclusivity and women’s empowerment, and it is both inspiring and motivating to support them to push old boundaries and set new norms of a truly inclusive workplace.”  

The Women@Kx Committee includes employees at all levels, to ensure that the program is designed for diverse needs at all stages of consulting careers, and they all share two key characteristics: a passion for helping women succeed in business and a willingness to continue learning about this constantly evolving topic of gender equality in the workplace and effect change.  

One of the future goals of the committee is to engage with the broader Kx team to continue to make Kx Advisors an inclusive place for everyone. The Women@Kx Committee will keep working to ensure that the Women@Kx have a supportive and safe space to learn from each other, grow as leaders, and form lasting professional relationships.