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Kx Advisors Affinity Group Spotlight: BIPOC@Kx

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Kx Advisors

Kx’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has inspired its newest affinity group, BIPOC@Kx. BIPOC@Kx, led by Myria Chen, an Associate Consultant, aims to foster a safe, inclusive, and collaborative community for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color at the firm. This group creates an open-minded space for discussion, provides resources for bonding over shared backgrounds, and educates the firm on diverse cultures.

When Myria was asked about the inspiration behind BIPOC@Kx, she explained, “As a woman of color, I have had to overcome many challenges due to my race and ethnicity, especially regarding its intersectionality with my gender. Through BIPOC@Kx, I hope to create a safe community where we can share our ideas, experiences, and concerns to foster inclusivity and acceptance.”

According to the Harvard Business Review,[1] a high sense of belonging is correlated with a 56% increase in job performance, a 75% decrease in sick days, and 18 times more promotions for employees. Having a safe space like BIPOC@Kx will ensure our firm maintains an inclusive, judgment-free environment for all.

BIPOC@Kx meets every other month to organize various initiatives, such as spotlighting BIPOC recognition months. This often consists of sharing educational resources via a firm newsletter and supporting BIPOC-owned businesses for firm lunches. While the group has formal members who identify as BIPOC, it also consists of allies — those who may not identify as BIPOC but are still committed to the group’s goals. Collaboration between members and allies is crucial for Kx’s inclusive environment; having an ally drastically improves teamwork, preventing exclusion and its negative consequences.[1]

As Kx grows and thrives, BIPOC@Kx strives to continue its efforts, welcoming everyone to the community.



[1] Carr EW, Reece A, Kellerman GR, Robichaux A. The Value of Belonging at Work. Harvard Business Review. Published December 16, 2019. Accessed March 30, 2023.