Key Considerations for Rare Disease Due Diligence

Is your business development team asking the right questions?

A Rare Disease Due Diligence Guide

Despite the name, rare diseases aren’t rare

The number of people living with rare diseases is sizable, estimated at 25-30 million people in the US alone. Estimated to be $217 Billion worldwide by 2024, this growing market offers a chance for pharmaceutical companies to meet the need of thousands of underserved patients.

Due to the unique nature of rare diseases, pharmaceutical companies entering or expanding within the space must include additional considerations in their due diligence process. Make sure your business development team is asking the right questions with this white paper.  

Rare Disease Due Diligence Cover

This paper was designed to help professionals do the following: 

  • More accurately evaluate the value of rare disease assets
  • Better understand and evaluate strategic fit and synergies
  • Incorporate the intricacies of the rare disease market into your due diligence process

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