Hot Indications List 2021: Hot MOAs

Kx Advisors' Analysis of Top Pharma Trends

Hot MOAs

How did COVID change the pharma and biotech pipeline? What indications, therapeutic areas (TAs), and mechanisms of action (MOAs) are on the rise? Our experts tackle these questions and more in Kx Advisors’ 2021 Hot Indications List.

In our 7th annual analysis of global R&D investment, our experts identified the top indications for industry focus in 2021, empowering you to make informed decisions about where your healthcare company should invest further resources. In past years, our Hot Indications analysis has focused on investments into specific indications and their respective TAs. This year, we dove into MOAsassessing the trends in development across multiple indications and TAs.

Our analysis evaluated 42,957 drug programs ongoing in 2020, categorized them into 599 unique indications, and compared available data for these indications across three main criteria: 

  • Pipeline score 
  • R&D funding  
  • Academic focus 

This paper was designed to help professionals do the following: 

  • Gain insight into the future of the healthcare industry 
  • Further develop their company’s pipeline 
  • Examine new areas for investment
  • Define their company’s growth strategy
  • Learn which MOAs are hot across indications and TAs

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