Health Equity

Research Approach & Case Study

Health Equity: The Kx Research Approach and Case Study

In this case study, Kx analyzed the patient pathway to identify barriers to care for Black patients receiving advanced treatments by understanding specific obstacles to care. Here we outline the four-step process to better understand how inequities lead to barriers to treatment for underserved populations, and how to start initiatives targeted at reducing those barriers:

  • Define the patient journey
  • Pinpoint provider-identified challenges
  • Understand the patient perspective
  • Combine it with epidemiological evidence

Research findings include physician-noted diagnostic challenges related to race and patient-noted logistical challenges related to social determinants of health, such as economic stability and education level. Such findings, when overlaid with epidemiologic evidence can provide a more complete picture of the challenges patients can face when in need of advanced care and illuminate how to overcome them.


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