Staff Spotlight: Matt Powers

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Matt Powers

Strictly Scientist to Star Consultant

Matt Powers, Kx Consultant, has always been fascinated by science. From teaching himself AP Biology in high school to spending his college years over a microscope, his intellectual curiosity is insatiable. Matt majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry during his time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After attaining his Bachelor of Science, he earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Georgia, focused on bacterial cell envelopes and antibiotic resistance 

Matt’s desire to apply his scientific skillset to strategy work led him to Kx Advisors. At Kx, he’s able to leverage his expertise, working with our pharmaceutical clients on projects that call for deep understanding. Building upon on his doctorate work, Matt enjoys marrying his scientific skill with his growing business acumen to provide innovative solutions for clients.  

Mixing Science and Business

One of Matt’s favorite things about Kx is working in an environment of diverse perspectives, whether collaborating with fellow Kx-perts or guiding clients. Along with most transitions in life, moving from academia to the business world comes with its own challenges. While Matt experienced a major shift in work speed when onboarding the team, he says, he’s “thankful to have had the support of seasoned consultants and leadership to help adapt to the fast-paced environment.”  

Outside the office, Matt can be found putting his quick-thinking and strategy skills through a different kind of test— video game streaming. When he takes a step away from behind the computer screen, you can typically expect to find him spending time with his beloved dogs. 

Interested in Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Matt encourages those looking to get into healthcare consulting to take challenges in stride and work to understand the industry from a holistic perspective. He emphasizes that there will be a learning curve no matter what background you come from, and one must recognize there’s a lot to learn from others in the room. Have questions about our work or careers at Kx? Get in touch with us at 

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Hays Bynum

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Hays Bynum

Health Policy to Healthcare Business Strategy

Healthcare has always been part of Kx Advisors Consultant Hays Bynum’s life. With a parent in the medical field, healthcare was a frequent conversation topic at the dinner table. When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, Hays felt called to make a positive difference in the healthcare industry through policy. 

After completing her Bachelor’s in Public Policy and a disciplinary degree in Medicine, Health, and Society from Vanderbilt University, Hays worked in corporate strategy for a healthcare and insurance company. This role ignited her interest in the business side of healthcare, leading her to pursue a role with Kx. She quickly felt at home in consulting, and once she solidified foundational skills, she was ready to try new project types, from mapping patient journeys to modeling pricing changes. Citing the varied set of project material as one of the highlights of her career with Kx, Hays says, “I was looking for something more rigorous, fast-paced, and diverse. Luckily, I found that with Kx.” 

Opportunities to Shine With Kx

One of Hays’ favorite elements of being part of the Kx team is working directly with clients and senior leadership. She is able to do the hands-on work she enjoys, such as surveying and data analysis, and presenting her findings. In addition to the technical work that comes with being a consultant, Hays also appreciates having access to mentors and getting to mentor junior staff. She finds it particularly fulfilling to help new hires acclimate to Kx. One way Hays contributes to Kx’s culture is by being part of several committees, as well as leading Kx’s Charitable Giving Committee. Philanthropy has always been close to Hays’ heart and she spends time volunteering with National Children’s Hospital. 

Outside of the office, Hays can be found running on the trails around Washington, DC, or indulging in her favorite snack—Girl Scout cookies. When Hays isn’t supporting young girls in business, she’s brushing up her healthcare knowledge and cooking new recipes. 

Interested in Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Hays encourages those looking to get into healthcare consulting to prioritize the questions that need to be solved. Consultants are naturally curious and interested in understanding the nuances of each challenge. However, focusing on answering the specific question the client is asking can make projects more manageable. Have questions about our work or careers at Kx? Get in touch with us at 

Staff Spotlight: Chris Waybill

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Chris Waybill

A Career in Hands-On Strategy

Chris Waybill, Kx Advisors Principal, loves diving into the weeds of problems to build actionable solutions and lead by example. From building his own fireworks (and subsequently fire-resistant storm drains) as a child to studying mechanical engineering and materials science at Duke University, Chris’ passion for hands-on problem-solving has always been clear. After graduation, he worked as a project engineer at an on-site power plant for a hospital impacted by Hurricane Sandy. His time in the field became a building block in his understanding of business operations and project management. Like many Kx teammates, Chris found himself ready for a career pivot into something more fast-paced and growth-oriented and set out to join a strategy consulting firm. 

Professional Development With Kx

Chris joined Kaiser Associates as an Associate Consultant, working on projects across several practice areas. He quickly uncovered a passion for using his quantitative skillset to unearth deeper, more tangible results for healthcare clients. Combined with a newfound interest in developing strategic frameworks to structure highly ambiguous problems, he was a natural fit to align with Kx Advisors. Now a Principal, Chris works directly with clients and drives business development through the leadership team. Chris says he “truly values the opportunity to be a partner rather than just a vendor for our clients.” The positive impact of Kx’s recommendations for our clients feeds into Chris’ hands-on approach and is one of the driving forces that excites him to come to work every day. 

When Chris isn’t working on healthcare projects from Boston, he can be found recording songs for Spotify, singing backup for famous singers like Hugh Jackman, or enjoying extra time with his favorite healthcare professional: his fiancée.  

Interested in Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Chris emphasizes that much of consulting is telling a story, but with compelling and contextualized data. For those looking to launch a career in consulting, he advises they “strive to become natural subject matter experts” by reading vigorously, subscribing to industry publications and newsletters, engaging in dialogue with thought leaders, or even writing their own blogs. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at 

Staff Spotlight: Evelyn Tee

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Evelyn Tee

Turning Inspiration Into Action

The healthcare field attracts those eager to help others. Evelyn Tee, Kx Advisors Vice President, is no exception. Inspired by the medical team that cared for her grandmother and the holistic impact of quality healthcare, Evelyn decided to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.  

A natural problem solver with a mind wired for strategic analysis, Evelyn zeroed-in on the business side of healthcare. She earned an MBA in Operations and Marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania after completing her BA in Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences (MMSS), Economics, and International Studies from Northwestern University. 

Exceptional Interpersonal Relations With Kx

Once she was an established healthcare consultant with a large firm, she set her sights on making a shift to a mid-size firm as she enjoyed the close team bonds that come from working with smaller project team sizes. Evelyn is especially passionate about women succeeding in the workplace and launched Women@Kx. Women@Kx is a chance to have an open dialogue and space for female employees to address issues that may be gender-specific or just talk about topics that pertain to women, such as being a working mom. 

Outside of the office, Evelyn can be found training in Krav Maga, a military self-defense training system. As a frequent traveler, Evelyn likes embracing adventures of life at every turn. When she isn’t traveling, taking care of her three children, or training in the martial arts, she enjoys working in our DC office. 

Interested In Healthcare Strategy Consulting? 

Evelyn encourages those looking to get into healthcare consulting to take a people-centric approach to interviewing. Many firms have intelligent people, but she particularly aligns with Kx’s value of bringing your most authentic self to work. Evelyn says, “everyone comes to the table as equals” and it is the people she works with, Kx-ersteammates, and clients, that that makes her most excited to come to work every day. While there will be a learning curve, especially the first year of consulting, picking the right people and mentors to guide you will make all the difference. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at 

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Sam Eaton

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Sam Eaton

Finding Answers To Big Questions  

Dr. Sam Eaton, Kx Senior Consultant, is a problem solver by nature. His drive to find answers drew him to academia and to earn a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina During his doctoral studies Sam immersed himself in understanding orphan drugs and the business supporting them. In the process, he uncovered his passion for combining his scientific expertise with business strategy. Sam joined Kx Advisors after graduation to continue finding answers to tough problems.  

Transitioning From Academia To Consulting   

When asked, “Why Kx?” Sam answered: “I knew working at Kx would allow me to utilize my scientific background while growing as a business leader.” Sam immediately found that he enjoyed the range of challenging and interesting projects, as well as Kx’s willingness to leverage his clinical background. He felt Kx’s culture was a critical factor in transitioning from academics, crediting Kx’s small project teams for the collaborative environment that empowers employees to make a positive impact for clients. Sam has established himself as a top performer with Kx leadership by delivering first-class client service and acting as a mentor to junior staff.   

Being a Senior Consultant isn’t the only way Sam creates a positive impact. During grad school, he volunteered at a zoo where he worked with giraffes and rhinos, and fostered dogs for a Labrador rescue. He now enjoys playing tennis, playing fetch with his own rescue dog, and spending time with loved ones during his downtime.

Interested In Healthcare Consulting? 

While the shift from academics to business can be challenging, Sam encourages doctoral candidates to look for employers that offer strong mentorship. As a pillar of the team, Sam‘s most substantial contributions are his strong scientific expertise and leadership skills. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at