Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Sam Eaton

Kx Advisors Spotlight: Dr. Sam Eaton

Finding Answers To Big Questions  

Dr. Sam Eaton, Kx Senior Consultant, is a problem solver by nature. His drive to find answers drew him to academia and to earn a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at the University of North Carolina During his doctoral studies Sam immersed himself in understanding orphan drugs and the business supporting them. In the process, he uncovered his passion for combining his scientific expertise with business strategy. Sam joined Kx Advisors after graduation to continue finding answers to tough problems.  

Transitioning From Academia To Consulting   

When asked, “Why Kx?” Sam answered: “I knew working at Kx would allow me to utilize my scientific background while growing as a business leader.” Sam immediately found that he enjoyed the range of challenging and interesting projects, as well as Kx’s willingness to leverage his clinical background. He felt Kx’s culture was a critical factor in transitioning from academics, crediting Kx’s small project teams for the collaborative environment that empowers employees to make a positive impact for clients. Sam has established himself as a top performer with Kx leadership by delivering first-class client service and acting as a mentor to junior staff.   

Being a Senior Consultant isn’t the only way Sam creates a positive impact. During grad school, he volunteered at a zoo where he worked with giraffes and rhinos, and fostered dogs for a Labrador rescue. He now enjoys playing tennis, playing fetch with his own rescue dog, and spending time with loved ones during his downtime.

Interested In Healthcare Consulting? 

While the shift from academics to business can be challenging, Sam encourages doctoral candidates to look for employers that offer strong mentorship. As a pillar of the team, Sam‘s most substantial contributions are his strong scientific expertise and leadership skills. Have questions about our work? Get in touch with us at info@kxadvisors.com.